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Happier Now

……..that I’ve eaten. Is my vast and consuming preoccupation with food getting through to you all after just two scant posts? ORAL FIXATION.


At the moment, not a single soul in the world/web is reading this blog, which is pretty cool for me since I am still dipping my teeny little toe in the large, deep, freezing cold pool that is weblogging and praying to God that I don’t get SHOVED IN by someone running at me from behind.

I still don’t reeaallly know if I want to do this because while it is super cool to read the really good blogs I’ve found over the last few months, it is another thing entirely to type my own shit in here and “bare my brains to Heaven under the El” so to speak (thank you Allen Ginsberg) because inevitably I know I will read these old posts and think oh my lord you didn’t. YOU DI’INT. And what if people I know find this blog and read it and grow disdainful and quit hanging out with me or get super angry because they finally know what I really think about that slutty top or even have a heart attack and DISOWN ME because I use obscenities and reveal my real beliefs about GOD? These are the dangers.

Well, the deal is, I’ve been pussyfooting (and yes I did just use that word) around this edge for months now and I seem to WANT to do this more than I DON’T want to do it, so I’m just going to jump.

So here goes.


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Is This Thing On?

Is this thing working? Hello? Tap tap tap tap.

I can’t get bold to work.

Unless this whole thing is in bold and I don’t know it.

Okay, I’ve made the start (two milanos, half a grapefruit, and a cup of tea later). Now I have to go read the damn manual.

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