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I want to post. I really really really really want to. But I have to get my ass out of here and on the metro and HOME because I have been here for almost twelve hours now and I am going c-r-a-z-y……..lalalalalalalalablooblooblooobloooblah.

What? Oh right sorry. So back to my train of thought: will post from Hawaii, if I can find a computer, for no other reason that to say HA HA SUCKAHS!!!!!! Otherwise I will be ON THE BEACH. Or in a huge air-conditioned exhibit hall, hawking our wares as the trade-off for a completely free trip to Paradise.

Right. I’m leaving. If you see me wandering around DC with underpants on my head and glassy eyes, you’ll know I went completely mad and missed my flight and was CRUSHED BY THE WEIGHT OF MY INBOX. Please tie gin bottle to end of stick and take me to the nearest professional facility.

Thank you.


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Pictures Pictures

So today I am being lazy and posting some pictures for you, because (as I said) I am lazy and also swamped at work. Phew! Going to Hawaii in a week and there is so much crap to do. Fully one third of the staff is attending this conference and I wonder how our brave organisation will handle the absence.

By bringing in booze of course, and wandering in at 10 am and propping many feets on many desks, and watching streaming video over the Internet.

Remember those charming twins I witnessed graduating from high school? Here they are at the after party with me. And don’t ask me what was so damn funny that I had to wrinkle my nose like that. There was certainly no alcohol at this party I can tell you THAT.

I now present: THE REASON I BECAME AN ANGLICAN. Okay I’m only kidding (a little bit). This is one half of the Exeter Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys. I used to go to Evensong three times a week when I was doing my masters degree and make faces at the boys and try to get them to laugh. I know, bad church attender!

Here is a picture of my adorable godson Kurt Francis Xavier at his baptism, starring: The Hat That Swallowed Washington. His godfather is a very cool guy; he and his wife are a ton of fun and we keep trying to get them to move from Detroit to DC.

Here is a picture of The Hat holding the delightful and happy Bella (aptly named I might add), daughter of Kurt’s godfather, pictured above. Don’t you just want to scoop her up and kiss her sweet face?

And finally, here is a much better sized picture of My Favourite Place in the World (well, this place and the Savoy Hotel). The one I posted awhile ago is TOO HUGE. This was taken by my friend Alistair, otherwise known as The Commandant. I try to encourage him in this photo hobby because I think he is good, but he never seems to want to take pictures of ME. Go figure.

ALL RIGHT BACK TO WORK SLACKER. (oops! me, I mean, not anyone reading. thank you lovely readers.)

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The Freakin Weekend

In which I bought the following very cool things:

  1. This skirt, to wear in Honolulu with the ghastly navy blue or yellow polo logowear APA shirts, because they are forcing us to wear them for the annual convention and I refuse to wear shorts
  2. This (well sadly I cannot find the link for you on BR’s website) adorably sweet brown lace top, which I tried on just to pair something with the skirt and ended up almost blubbering about how gorgeous it was (I know, I need help).
  3. A very cute handbag for $15 in a going-out-of-business sale
  4. Another, rather-too-short skirt for the beach from the GAP

I resisted the urge to buy this, even though it is splendiferous, but I felt that was quite enough strain on the bank balance and if I were not careful I’d end up with a permanently leaky bathroom and no money to fix it.

I also DID the following very cool things:

  1. Went to Wolftrap to hear Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony sung/performed by the NSO and the Choral Arts Society of Washington. It was incredible. During the fourth movement I had to physically hold onto The Professor to avoid being blown away by the golden bolt of energy that issued from the choral finale. You know the one I mean. They blew everybody away. Well, they and Mr. Beethoven, deaf as a post and STILL able to compose this most sublime of musical ditties ever penned. Miss Maria (who actually is not really a Miss since she is the mother of my godson) who works in theatre got us box office balcony seats for FREE. Always the best part.
  2. Went to several bars after Wolftrap with the Rajah, which was great fun and included champagne and chocolate cake with a gooey melted centre. Ended up at the very chill Russia House, which was perfect as we flopped on the oversized sofas and ordered vodka drinks of every conceivable kind. Not too loud, not too crowded, cute Russian waiters. Heaven.
  3. Took my parents (who were in town very briefly) to Mattins at my church, which was lovely. Kick-ass hymns, good sermon, and of course our peerless choir. Even my mother was impressed with them, and that’s saying something in the world of church musak.
  4. Went to Cafe Bonaparte for brunch after church, which I’ve longed long to try and is relatively new. It surpassed my expectations being both very chic and very wholesome, with good food and an even better atmosphere. Perfect for PARENTS or for a very romantic first date.
  5. Toured Tudor Place on a total whim as it caught our eye when walking back to the car. A very cool place to tour if you ever get the chance.

This was also the weekend my carefree and relatively unattached relationship with Bartender Dude hit its first major snag. The he-said-he-would-call-and-then-he-didn’t snag, one of the worst in the particular arsenal of snags aimed at dismantling my sanity because it simultaneously makes me furious and hurt no matter how shallow the acquaintance. Well, actually he DID call, at 5:00 am, wasted drunk and wanting to come see me. I was so tired I didn’t even know what end was up so I buzzed him in, which was a mistake because when I sleepily asked him “Why did you wait so long to call me?” he said “OH JESUS” as if I was asking him to do ten loads of laundry or compose me a love poem.

AGGHH. Why are relationships so difficult? Because that made me even MORE angry and hurt but I was too tired to get into it. And then the next morning he was sweetie pie BD from heaven with lots of snuggly love and compliments, so I can’t make him out. And now I am pep-talking myself into letting it blow over because I am NOT in a serious or even mildly serious relationship with this guy.

Anyway, this is an abrupt end because I have one frillion things to do and must in fact go do them. OH! I also went to the Apple store. I think I see an iBook and a digital camera in my future. THANK YOU REFINANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Whining

Can someone please tell me why Nutella rips large holes in your delivery starch of choice when you try to spread it on? Or why every single person on the metro cannot seem to walk faster than a shuffling lemur? Or how the HELL I am supposed to care about the upcoming elections in this country when all the politicians seem to shift and manipulate and change their views to suit the polls or the wind or the advice of their coterie of hangers on?

John Kerry has selected John Edwards as his running mate, a fact I might be interested in were it not for the press analysing every possible angle of the decision and letting us know how this fits into his strategy of working the election process. It’s like they’re saying “Hey! Here is how John Kerry is manipulating you and here is how the Bush administration is manipulating you. Now go vote on the ISSUES.”

What issues? That’s the other thing, the candidates seem to flip flop on the issues ALL THE TIME in the whorish attempt to win the loyalty of voters who, to my mind, appear to fall into two categories: Already Made Up My Mind and Don’t Give A Shit. How am I supposed to vote with my conscience when no one seems to run for election with theirs? The only reason I continue to vote is to continue to have the right to complain.

I must admit I have been very slow to come into anything like knowledge about “politics” and “the issues.” It doesn’t help that every time I try to have a conversation with anyone about this topic I get at best vague ramblings or at worst emotional tirades. None of these exchanges increases my ability to make an informed choice at the polls. Today on the BBC website (where I get all my news, because I am an unrepentant Anglophile and because they do more world news reporting) I read the following from an American commentator they had picked to provide insight on the Bush-Kerry race:

“Edwards would not make a better VP than Cheney simply because Cheney is for the American people and wants what is best for the American people.” What the FUCK is that supposed to mean? That doesn’t help me at all!! And I get that crap all the time, from my co-workers, the media, the candidates themselves. Vague useless language.

I’ve had it. I’m fed up. If anyone out there knows where I can get unbiased information that is actually informative, by all means let me know.

I’m tired of the hype, the repetition, the endless amounts of analysis on how this word of a speech or that current event may damage the campaign for this section of the voting public with this kind of demographic background. IF YOU ARE TELLING ME HOW IT WILL MANIPULATE ME, THEN HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO WORK? The whole thing seems like such a farce to me.

The thing is (I know, I know) it’s better than no elections at all (insert big sigh, insert eye rolling). So come November, right around (or sometimes even ON) my birthday, I will dutifully walk into a makeshift dressing room thingy and make some chad pregnant. At least that will secure my right to bitch and moan about that which I know nothing, at least, not very much at all.

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