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Ahhh, resolutions.  For me they are an entirely useless activity to which I am addicted.  I cannot stop myself from frequently making plans to make my life better and IMPROVE myself, plans which never come fruition, let alone germination.  I make resolutions all the time, all the year long, ranging from a weekly housecleaning schedule to getting a PhD in my spare time.  Once made, these resolutions (unexpectedly!) win ten million dollars and permanently retire from my life in terms of their continued usefulness to me — i.e., in terms of lighting a fire under my ass.

But since it is in FACT the New Year, or at least it was a brand new year like, over a month ago, I feel compelled to share my resolutions, dear readers, with you.  I have no illusions that typing these out and committing them to the permanency that is TypePad will in any way help to hold me accountable.   But for some reason I feel like posting them on my blog will provide me with a slightly less perishable reminder than a torn-out piece of notebook paper languishing in the huge pile of Important Paperwork to Be Dealt With Immediately which currently (and previously, and future-ly) resides on my desk.

Here goes.  I have divided these resolutions into categories, just another charming aspect of my crazy type A personality.  Actually, forget the type A, I am simply crazy.  Yes, I am.


  • Read more books.
  • Investigate, just INVESTIGATE, possible PhD programs in English Lit and how to fund them.


  • Go down one dress size.  Note: this is the least likely to actually happen.
  • Eat more vegetables.


  • Eliminate Mr. Visa.
  • Consolidate 401Ks due to incessant job-hopping
  • Get more freelance work.


  • Get hired permanently.
  • Learn new skilz, particularly how to create websites from scratch.
  • Get promoted and take over the world!!! (oh wait I didn’t mean that)


  • Develop a way to practice my Buddhism.
  • Train as a witch, informally of course.
  • Not whack any of the children in my Sunday School Class (WHY did I volunteer for this???)

Other Stuff:

  • Post at least once a week.  (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha gasping for breath leaning against a wall)
  • WRITE MORE LETTERS.  Why do we not write letters anymore?
  • Remember my friends’ birthdays.  Its amazing I have any left.

Candidates for the “read more books” resolution include: Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis, If the Buddha Married, E.B. White’s Collected Essays, The Gospels as a Mandala of Wisdom, The Odyssey, Fundamentals of Esoteric Philosophy, and Defending Middle Earth: Tolkien, Myth, and Modernity.

So there you have it.  Piece of cake.  But remember, I already have an elegant escape clause which I believe I mentioned above: I AM A TOTAL SLACKER.


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No I’m Not Dead

The best thing about only having three loyal readers of this blog is that it lessens the guilt somewhat that I haven’t posted in about five million months. I wish I could say I’ve been busy, but really, its all down to laziness. And possibly cussedness. You know how it is — the longer you don’t do something you know needs doing, the more painful it is to approach doing it due to the guilt and shame you feel even thinking about doing it. Much easier to avoid the subject altogether. So you pop in another Buffy DVD and watch the entire Season Five in one couch slob overdose.

Here is what has been happening in Chanelbaby land:

2. I didn’t have another one lined up.
3. I started waiting tables in a restaurant.
4. Bartender Dude and I moved into a fabulous two bedroom apartment.
5. With a dining room.
7. AND A GAS RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Due to financial difficulties (see 1 – 3), we took on a roommate.

So all is well in Chanelbaby land. As a matter of fact, I finally found a new job, a day job, the hours of which are during the daytime, in a great company which shall remain nameless.

That should help with the Christmas VISA bills.

As for living with Bartender Dude, I have never been happier. He is by far and away, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me and I am the luckiest woman on Planet Earth.

Except for the VISA bills.

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