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So I got the job.

YES! YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSS!  Hooray for me!  Words cannot begin to describe my relief and delight.  Not only did I get a permanent job with bene-FITZ, but I got a permanent job with benefits that I LIKE.  I am so happy!

Oh thank God, the Universe, the Goddess and God, and everything.  Thank all the deities.  Because man, were they looking out for me.  The job is good.  The salary is CRAZY.  The position is a bit of a stretch, but I feel like I’m eating at the big kid’s table and it feels GOOD.

Also, terrifying, but I won’t alloy this moment with COMPLAINTS.  In fact, I won’t even MENTION that it is a come-in-at-9am-wearing-posh-suits-and-heels kind of gig because I don’t even care.  I’m taking this opportunity and running with it.  (Figuratively, of course, because, running in heels = not so much.)

I am going to be really challenged in this job, which is a good thing.  At least I’ll be learning new things—all about the health care industry, for one.  But luckily there is a huge web component so I’ll get to keep my Cool Kids Badge and stay in the online space, which is fun.

I so seriously hope I don’t fuck this up.  But if I do, hey that’s life and I’ve got Bartender Dude.  Bartender Dude and KNITTING.

Yes, to celebrate this newfound corporate me, I jumped on the gay men’s bandwagon and LEARNED TO KNIT.  The Good Witch taught me how and presented me with two huge pink plastic knitting needles for me to practice with, kind of like Stitch Bitch Training Wheels.  I am attempting to make a Tea Cosy, which is really just a 30-stitch wide swath that roughly resembles a scarf and that I’ll have to tie around a teapot to make work, but whatever I AM MAKING SOMETHING.  With my own two hands!  Where once was yarn will now be a tea cosy!  Sort of.

It is very calming to sit in my snug little sitting room with a Greyhound and some fags and click clack with the big fat training needles.  I am hoping that I’ll get good enough at it that I don’t have to hunch over and watch every stitch, but for now that is a necessary evil otherwise I drop stitches and double-yarn it (not even sure what that is) and my whatever-it-is I’m making starts to look very like a cat got to it.

I’ll post pictures when it is finished.  In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of me and the woman who taught me this newfound skill.  Also My Fat Belly.  Ya’ll be good.



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