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Tonight is Samhain.  Since my dear Witch is not here to celebrate it with me, I shall no doubt spend time rifling through various internet sites looking for appropriate rituals to perform on my own and hopefully not burning the place down in the process. 

Thank God Bartender Dude never reads this site.

Happy Witches’ New Year everyone!



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The Write Stuff

I have to say I find it puzzling how power bloggers and community users find the time to participate in their very robust online lives.  It’s not just how often they blog or how good the entries they write  – it’s the fact that many of them write for more than one blog, participate in online forums, and even start their own online communities, really interesting communities that collectively are starting to show the potential of the internet to connect people in unique ways.

It really fascinates me because although I spend my entire working day online, and find great pleasure in reading all kinds of blogs or checking out all kinds of sites [WHICH I NEVER DO AT WORK NO NOT EVER REALLY PINKY SWEAR], I never feel like writing a post or logging into some of the communities that interest me to join a discussion.  And when I get home the last thing I want to do is get back on the computer. I think really good blogging is a discipline, like everything else worth doing, and to do it well takes time and prioritization.

It takes so much energy just to go to work, go to the gym, clean the house, cook the dinner, pack the lunch, sort the mail, pay the bills, file the mounds of paperwork that somehow collect on the desk, do the laundry, shop for groceries, fill the ice trays, and still have anything left over for watching television, meeting up with friends, drinking, reading novels, knitting tea cosies, sorting photos, cleaning out the iTunes, or anything even remotely resembling the intellectual output of blogging.

I love good writing, and I think I am a pretty good writer as the craft goes.  But I just don’t think I am a writer, because I don’t need to do it.  I mean, really there it is.  I don’t need to do it, I don’t rush to do it, my life doesn’t feel empty without it.  I don’t even really enjoy writing while I’m doing it as much as I enjoy the finished product. 

My family always thought I’d be a writer.  I have to admit, I never fully bought this idea.  I love to read, and as a result, I love good writing.  I’m just not sure that being a writer is something I can accurately claim.

So my hat goes off to all those amazing people who post every day, who write stories that make me laugh, that amaze me, that make me cheer for them.  Perhaps at some point I’ll join their ranks.  I started this blog to attempt to jog my own creativity, to join other writers and get their feedback.

But honestly, most nights I’d rather fall asleep watching PBS.

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