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Bangers and Mash

So, I’m back.

I was going to try and spin my Thanksgiving holiday into the reason I have not posted in so long, but ya’ll know that That Is a Lie.  The truth of the matter is I was only gone for a week.  So here I am, world’s laziest blogger, checking back in for another post.  Aren’t you excited?

This Thanksgiving The Professor and I made our annual pilgrimage to Exeter.  We do this every year, traveling to the city of our collective education and the place where we met, to stuff our faces with pork pie and bangers and mash, wander around the town and surrounding countryside, look in all the shops, watch British telly, and generally laze about.  We are the weirdest holiday-makers, I know.

But we had a smashing time of course.  For me, this mainly involved LOTS of sleeping in until 1 pm.  On this trip, we accomplished approximately the following:


  1. Church services in the awe-inducing Exeter Cathedral (oh those adorable choirboys!): 5

  3. Country walks taken: 1

  5. Pubs visited: 25

  7. Crap bought at Boots, my favourite drugstore on the planet: $87-worth

  9. Sparkly shoes purchased: 1 pair

  11. Fancy dinners out: 2

  13. Shops visited: 30

  15. Naps taken: 81

  17. Dear friends seen: 3 (The Commandant and his beautiful rockstar girlfriend were the highlight, OF COURSE

  19. Glasses of champagne drunk: 38

  21. Gin consumed: 300 gallons

  23. Cigarettes smoked: 13,492

  25. Percentage on a 1-100 scale of how much good the rest and relaxation did me: 1000%

This trip was particulary meaningful to me because The Professor and I both knew, without really telling each other, that this would be our last trip together alone.  Over the past few years of dating Bartender Dude, my life has been slowly shifting into a new era.  It doesn’t mean I have a problem with going on trips by myself or with my friends just because I’m in a serious relationship, nor does it mean that Bartender Dude has taken any kind of issue with the tradition.  Its just that I’ve been moving, slowly and organically, into a new phase of my life, a phase that involves being in a partnership, and I don’t really want to go on long trips without him that are dedicated, in large part, to remembering the past (a past now growing misty through the YEARS AND YEARS of time that have stealthily and ever rapidly inserted themselves into my life WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT?). 

I still want to travel back to that wonderful place, but now I want to take him with me, show him all my old haunts, and start building a repertoire of shared experiences, there and other wonderful places.  (OH GOD CORNY ALERT SHOOT ME NOW).  But seriously, I think this is a natural progression and I’m okay with it.  Plus, I don’t have THAT much paid time off, the value of which, as you will doubtless recall, has been newly impressed upon me with the subtlety of a hammering blacksmith.

And I DID have a wonderful time.  I enjoyed every minute of it (even walking in GALE FORCE WIND AND RAIN IN THE WRONG SHOES) and lingered over every view and meal.  It was the perfect way to honour the extraordinary friendship I share with one of my closest friends, the one who knows where all the bodies are buried.

Here are a few HOLIDAY SNAPS (ha ha ha I love that phrase) for your viewing pleasure.  They are, in order, a studenty pub where the double gins are cheap and the bangers and mash divine, and the park behind our B&B.  Ah, country pursuits….




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The Year 35

So last Sunday was my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!!!!  I love my birthday.  For starters, it’s on Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Day, the holiday of simultaneous rebellion and re-institution of the Established Order.  PLUS, it is celebrated with huge bonfires, burning The Guy in effigy, and generally western fall treats like cider and mulled wine and displays of the Squash Family.

As I’m sure you are dying to know, Dear Readers, I had a LOVELY birthday.  It began with teaching Sunday School (did ya’ll know that I do that? Well, I do.  I shudder for the youth of Christ Church Georgetown, because my lessons are not exactly the Party Line, but at least I give it a go), and then of course the All Saints Day church service, in which I sang VERY LOUDLY WITH GUSTO the hymn “For All the Saints.”  From there we repaired to The Ritz Georgetown for brunch, with all the usual suspects in tow – The Rajah, The Professor, Bartender Dude, and LJ.  After that it was Evensong (yes I know that is a shitload of church for one day, even for me, but I enjoyed it) and drinks and snacks with LS and Bartender Dude at Circle Bistro, one of our usual watering holes.

Of course the one thing that makes this series of events A Story is that Bartender Dude and I got into a Huge Fight.  And the hi-larious thing is that we got into this Huge Fight over Pride and Prejudice.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We got into a fight over Pride and Prejudice, and it went something like this:

Chanelbaby: And THAT is the amazing thing about this novel –

Bartender Dude: [interrupting] You know, you and The Professor talk about Pride and Prejudice A LOT.  In fact, there at least two other people at the table besides me who are sick to death of hearing you pontificate in nauseating detail about that fucking book.  Could you please maybe think of something better to discuss?

Chanelbaby:  What can you possibly mean by that statement?  This is an important book.  It is Jane Austen’s MASTERWORK.  It has TONS of application to your daily life in the 21st century!

Bartender Dude: I just think maybe sometimes you and The Professor could give it a rest already.  Look around you.  Not everyone wants to talk about the same damn topics all the damn time.  For example, do we all really need to ruminate YET AGAIN about the foundation and the future of the British Monarchy?  I DON’T THINK SO.

Chanelbaby: [pulls a Full On Pout]

Bartender Dude: Whatever.  I’m going outside to smoke 50 million cigarettes and call my COOL friends.

To be honest, this is a bit of an exaggeration (NO SHIT REALLY? CHANELBABY IS EXAGGERATING?).  And to make a long story short, we made up with much smooshing and apologizing and protestations of undying love.  But you get the idea.

The best thing about having a Huge Fight with your boyfriend on your birthday is that a) you certainly never forget what you were doing or where you were, and b) there is a strong possibility that your boyfriend will feel SO GUILTY about what he did that he will surprise you with cards in your handbag that you discover at work and a surprise birthday dinner with candles and champagne and flowers when you come home and you THOUGHT he was going to be working late at the restaurant.

Which he did.  Tonight.

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