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I just got back from a week’s holiday, and I don’t know if
all that heat at the beach melted some of my synapses but last night I had the
following dream:

I was at some kind of conference or event, at a big lodge in
the woods, and this conference was of national importance and included heads of
state.  People in tiaras and tuxes were
milling about the pine-needle-carpeted floor on their way in to the lodge to do
whatever it is this conference was supposed to do – probably solving the
combined political crises of the Middle East and Africa before dinner and
drinks.  But anyway, so I was watching
this from a distance and then suddenly I was in another part of the lodge complex in the woods, talking to my (temporary) boss (I
say temporary because I am currently on loan to his department).  And my temporary boss was
getting ready to attend this event as well but he needed a HORSE (of course he
did) to arrive upon, otherwise he would not strike the right note of gravitas.  So I turned to this unnaturally tall, lanky person
next to me, who incidentally possessed magical abilities to shape-shift, and who (in my dream) was my
(temporary) boss’s son and told him he’d have to turn into a horse and bear his
father on his back to this reception thingy and hurry up because the delegates
are all on their way into the building already.  His son strongly objected to this plan because
(he said) his magical abilities had been drained recently (oh please that is SO
unrealistic – once you have magical abilities you do not lose them) and to
prove to me that he could not turn into a horse he stretched his body out even
taller and arched over on all fours and remained there for a few minutes,
glaring at me.  “See?” he said
petulantly. “The magic isn’t working
today! I told you I need to go get
topped up.” Well, I thought to myself, I
can see through HIM like a PANE OF GLASS.  So then I was furious because he would not do
my bidding and I KNEW it was just because he didn’t want to help his father out. For a second I wasn’t sure how to solve the
problem and then I remembered there was a little white mare in the stable
around the corner (what stable? Suddenly there was a stable).  “We can send you in on the little white mare”
I told my boss, and he was fine with this plan and I glowered at the unhelpful
son and then the dream was over.

Yeah. I don’t. What? I don’t know. SO WEIRD.


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