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I have really had it with being too busy. Enough with the too busy! Do you ever feel like this dear readers? Are you tired of being overwhelmed with work, managing households, picking up drycleaning, making appointments, going to appointments, every task crashing hard upon the shore of the last until you are unable to even think about what comes next? I AM!

I’m tired of replying “Good, just so busy” to every request into my state of being. How are you? Oh fine, just crazy busy.

Screw busy. Busy can just kiss off. I’ve had it with the busy! I mean, what is the SOURCE of the busy? Am I just a type A, overachiever, (oops, inner snigger, more like a snort) who devotes hours and hours to getting everything perfect, a yes man who can’t say no? (AM I a girl who caaaain’t saaaay nooooo?) Why is everyone I know busy? Why are our lives so jam packed? And here’s the most embarrassing part: I don’t even have KIDS. No OFFSPRING on which to blame all my busy-ness.

I’ve really had it. I declare war on busy. Actually, that IS who we should be spending our tax dollars fighting. LET’S BE MORE LIKE THE FRENCH! They only work 3 hours a week, right?

Well, I’m not hip enough to be up on this whole micro-blogging tweety tweet twitter craze or flog blog or what the hell ever, but I just felt like I HAD to get this thang going you know? Get back into the blog world and POST some stuff.

Even though I am far too busy to do so.


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